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Tiglio Basso, Italy - garden redesign plans garden redesign Italy by 3G Design


design plan for planting for a roof terrace with sea view Genoa Italy


garden design by 3G design
Project completed - just waiting for planting to mature.

view plan view planting plan


Various Plan Examples

Casetta di Sopra, Garfagnana Italy - view plan

Large garden, Edinburgh: includes sample planting plans and construction drawings - view plans

Rubislaw: the second plan presents a simpler treatment for the water feature and modified alignment for the steps at the road access, changes made primarily to keep the budget within limits - view plans

Mosley: the 1:200 scale plan shows the overall treatment for an extensive area whilst the 1:100 plan gives more detail of the area immediately around the main dwelling - view plan

Gadie's: this restaurant and gallery complex required a garden which provided space for outdoor dining as well as an area for informal strolling and a productive pottager - view plan

Ellon: the Ellon project, in a rural location, needed a simple landscaping treatment for the approach drive with a terrace and ornamental planting closer to the house - view plan

Small garden, Edinburgh: an artist's garden which needed to be child-friendly; hence the balance between the formal contemporary main garden area and the softer more secluded adjacent play area - view plan

Leylodge: a small informal rural garden. The gate is capable of being fixed in different positions to serve as a windbreak whichever direction the wind blows from - view plan

The Robb garden: a small contemporary urban garden primarily conceived as an area for sitting out in and relaxing including a newly renovated summerhouse - view plan

Crail: a plan for long, narrow, sloping garden on the coast with formal and informal sitting areas and a few innovative features - view plan




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